Hi! I’m Michal. I’ve been programming and running UNIX servers my whole life. Now I’m running a business. I’m the maker behind Syften and Code Dog.


Posted at — Oct 18, 2010

Hi there! I’m Michal Mazurek, and I’m a UNIX engineer.

I’ve been programming since 12 and running Linux and BSD servers since 14 with my trusty 1989 IBM Model M keyboard. I treat programming as art, and don’t rest until my code is perfect. And past membership in the rigorous OpenBSD project give me the insights necessary to understand what perfect means.

In 2014 I graduated Wroclaw University’s Computer Science department

In 2018 I quit my job and tried my chances in business.

I live in Krakow, and after work I like to cook and dance the Argentine tango.

My Computers

See the full list.


I’m the administrator of longturn.net since 2010. Longturn is a game of FreeCiv where one turn takes one day. A typical game lasts a few months. Now I’m semi-retired.

Code Dog

First commit on 10.08.2018. Code Dog is my first real stab at entrepreneurship.

At one of my jobs my manager would spend a few minutes each morning pinging engineers to merge their PRs. It was neither fun nor productive. But what if I could automate it?

An app for GitHub already exists, so I solved this problem for GitLab and BitBucket.

See https://code-dog.app.


First commit on 05.05.2019. My second project.

I didn’t just want to send automated welcome messages to my users, I wanted to learn about them first. GeekMail creates a draft in Gmail, allowing me to customize the message for each user.

Unfortunately after I released the app Google enforced a more strict policy for Gmail apps. Because I cannot affort the “$15,000 - $75,000” required to undergo a security check by Google the future of this app is bleak.

See https://geekmail.app.


First commit on 28.05.2019. My third, and biggest, project.

To grow Code Dog I wanted to learn more about my niche. I wrote an app that notified me when my keywords were mentioned on Hacker News, Reddit etc. It turned out that other people were happy to pay for this service as well! I got my first user on 02.06.2019, just a few days after my first commit. I spent the next few months turning this tool into a product.

See https://syften.com.