HARO And JournoRequest Keyword Alerts

A while ago I tried HARO for backlink building. I had some moderate success. In one instance a “clever” blogger inserted a nofollow link, which made me more cautious, but overall it was good.

Except for HARO itself… Browsing through 100 posts twice a day stole away my focus and quickly became a nasty chore. Even though that was a good way to boosting my domain, I quit.

Wait, I have something others don’t

I have Syften, a keyword monitoring tool. 90% of the value my customers get comes from Reddit, but, other than that, I monitor Twitter, Slack communities and mailing lists Three places where journalists and bloggers post their requests…

Let’s see how quickly I can spin up a new product

It turned out that not as quickly as I’d like. Just the administrative actions, like buying a domain, setting up payments and an mailing system - that and a decent landing page - that took a few days. Next I had to work on the functionality for the product, it took another few days. In total, I think it’s fair to say that the first version took around two weeks to create.

Introducing JournoConnect

JournoConnect - HARO and #JournoRequest keyword alerts is a handy tool to help out with building backlinks. You enter a few keywords related to your interest, and it notifies you with just the right requests - no junk. Even if the right request comes once a month - you won’t miss it.

It’s very satisftying to see how long a way I have gone from being anxious about publishing my app in the Slack catalogue, to making a complete release in just two weeks. I’m sure it will be even more satisftying once it starts making some money…